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Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation writer and director Christopher McQuarrie is likely to return for a sixth Mission: Impossible film starring Tom Cruise!

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Major William Cage from the Edge of Tomorrow was a nice departure from the typical character that Tom Cruise portrays in his action films.  Normally Cruise is a likable character when he is first introduced to the audience that is thrust into some situation that he has to fight his way out of.  However, when Cage refuses to go to the front lines and even tries to blackmail his superior officer, the cowardliness of his character comes out in a major way.   Major Cage is an inexperienced officer in the US military who finds reassigned to the front lines to help put a positive spin on the battle to defeat invading aliens.  In his first disastrous attempt at combat, Cage finds that when he dies the day resets.  Now Cage must work with Rita Vrataski, who understands what Cage is experiencing and wants to use this ability to defeat the invading aliens.


I have to admit Edge of Tomorrow was funnier than I expected.  Just like in Groundhog Day, Cage has many surprisingly, funny encounters as he tries to maneuver himself to the best outcome.  Since the day resets each time he is killed, the funniest scenes are of Cage pleading not to be shot or accidentally killing himself in some bizarre manner.  Like Phil Connors, Cage attempts to rewrite his life in order to survive, learning how to actually fight, but ultimately learns that he cannot avoid the aliens no matter what he does.   I like Emily Blunt’s character, Rita, who focuses on the ultimate endgame of defeating the aliens and is willing to sacrifice herself in the process.

Edge of Tomorrow is another Tom Cruise film whose plot borrows heavily from other films but it is just as enjoyable as Oblivion.  Cruise and Blunt have a good chemistry.  Bill Paxton’s character adds to the comedic elements of the film as Master Sergeant Farrell who attempts to lead Cage on the front lines. The aliens are an interesting combination as you have three levels presented: Mimics, Alphas, and the ultimate leader, the Omega.

I give this film 4 out of 5 stars because it surprised me with the comedy.

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