Old South, through a quiet unfolding story, provides a window into the underlying dynamics of race relations that influence so many American communities. In Athens, Georgia, a college fraternity traditionally known to fly the confederate flag moves to a historically black neighborhood and establishes their presence by staging an antebellum style parade. Through the perspective of local resident Hope, Old South follows the neighborhood struggle over three years, while both communities fight to preserve their historical legacies against an evolving cultural backdrop in the South—and the nation as a whole. 30 year old Hope begins to organize her neighbors to fight for historical designation, with the goal of slowing, if not thwarting the path of gentrification of the community. As Hope fights to save her historic African American neighborhood, she turns what was three years earlier an unfortunate situation, into one that proposes a chance for real change. Old South opens dialogue, and inspires hope, reflection and a crucial step forward.