Thirtysomething former child star and full-time narcissist David Gold (Pat Mills) can’t hold even a corporate video voiceover job any more. He’s a blissfully dizty trainwreck, living in a rundown apartment that he can’t pay for (his landlady, demanding the rent, is his only visitor), deleting messages from his doctor’s office imploring him to address his recent skin cancer diagnosis, and binge-watching reruns of the former TV show “Wacky Street” that gave him brief fame 20 years prior. When David stumbles upon an opening for a high school guidance counselor position, he prepares for the part as he would for any other role and manages to dupe the harried principal into giving him the job. Essentially still stuck in his adolescence himself, David is an immediate hit with the student body, doling out vodka shots and prescribing pot as immediate solutions to insecurities and anxieties. But when he encounter Jabrielle, a tough-talking rebel who is hiding some deep emotional scars, David rises to the occasion to take his first steps toward the uncharted waters of responsibility.