Slim and attractive 28-year-old Ah-young secretly spends her leisure time viewing luxurious penthouses, test-driving extravagant cars, and trying-on haute couture dresses. While her social aspirations are a fantasy, she has accumulated a veritable arsenal of credit cards and fake IDs to feed her insatiable obsession for material possessions. Less glam is her reality: she works as a lowly assistant in an upscale dermatology clinic and her home is in a cramped apartment with her overweight alcoholic sister and younger brother. Ah-young soon snares herself in a humongous lie, by announcing  to her work colleagues that she will soon marry her handsome well-off boyfriend. While her boyfriend Tae-ho is handsome, he’s certainly not rich. As the pressure to produce her fiancé builds, Ah-young is going to have to come up with a plan to save face.