Sofia Olivari teaches school and shares an uneventful, respectful but childless marriage with her husband Pedro, in the small industrial coastal town of Las Ventanas, Chile. When she reads a newspaper article about a dead newborn baby found tossed in a dumpster, the intensity inside of the tightly-coiled Sofia begins to percolate. Sofia becomes obsessed with the fate of the baby, who authorities are unable to identify. She goes to a judge and insists that she be allowed to adopt the baby and give the baby’s soul the honor and love that the infant continues to be denied through a proper burial. But bureaucratic red tape won’t allow Sofia to have her wish – the baby’s lack of identification has left her without the legal status that would permit an adoption. Infuriated and more determined than ever, Sofia initiates a legal battle to give dignity to the dead baby, even christening the baby with the name “Aurora” in order to personalize her case. The lengths to which Sofia is determined to go may have devastating costs, however.