“Warsaw 44” is not a historical film or a documentary about the Warsaw Uprising. Although it is set in a war-torn city, it tells a story of people, not detachments or barricades. “Warsaw 44” is not yet another argument in a discussion around the Uprising. Our film aims to communicate emotions, not assess the reasoning or reveal the circumstances of the decision taken 70 years ago. We’ll leave this task to historians. “Warsaw 44” is not a monument. We don’t intend to pay homage to anyone. All we do is tell stories of young people, some of whom behaved admirably, while others broke down and acted like cowards. Some dreamt of sacrifice, but some just wanted to make love to a girl. It is not our intention to elevate war heroes. “Warsaw 44” is not a movie about politics. It’s a story of love, youth and fight.

Warsaw 44