In the 50s and 60s, Bakersfield, California bore witness to the emergence of a uniquely talented collective of musicians. Together, they birthed a genre that both lyrically and sonically indexed their particular life experience, challenged the established musical tastes of the Nashville scene, and permanently altered the landscape of Country music. They called it The Bakersfield Sound.While artists like Merle Haggard and Buck Owens rode the wave of the movement to lasting national fame, Billy Mize, a vocalist, instrumentalist, and songwriter who helped birth the movement and gave Buck and Merle their starts, found the touring lifestyle to be incompatible with the only thing he loved more than music: his family.But the deaths of two children, divorce, and hard living soon tore that family apart, and when a stroke took away Billy’s ability to sing, he found himself at rock bottom. After going through an intensive stint at a brain rehabilitation center to relearn how to sing and talk, Billy’s 80th birthday approaches, for which the city of Bakersfield has thrown a huge concert event, and at which Billy is determined to take back the microphone and sing again.