In Sightseers, Chris (Steve Oram) has invited his girlfriend, Tina (Alice Lowe), to accompany him on a caravan as they tour some of Chris’ favorite spots.  Chris has writers’ block and wants to use the trip as inspiration for his novel.  Along the way, they learn a little bit about each other, especially their psychopathic tendencies.  Tina lives with her sickly mother and is still grieving for her dead dog, Poppy.  You can tell Tina has led a very sheltered life and considers Chris to be an ideal boyfriend.  At each stop, initially, one of the fellow travelers does something that annoys Chris, and he begins overcome his passive-aggressive yet controlling nature to become a killer.  For example, a man at their first stop litters on ground and disrespected the sanctity of the train memorial.  Chris accidentally runs over the man with the caravan, and by the next killing, starts to become more confident in his ability.  The killings also spur his creativity and he starts writing again.  Tina shows an initial shock, but grows aroused with each killing until she has her own reason to kill.

This road trip black comedy explores Chris and Tina’s fragile relationship that begins to unravel as they start to aggravate each other.  Chris is the dominant person in the relationship and struggles to get Tina interested in his trip.  This film was an interesting watch because it is a serial killer lover story with an unexpected ending.  Chris realizes that he can get a revenge on the people to cause him embarrassment through his actions.  However, when Tina kills in response to his flirting with another woman, you see how he starts to pull away from Tina.  The power Chris once had over Tina is lost, and she no longer interests him.  It is very bizarre love that Tina and Chris develop for each other and the ending of the film was a pleasant surprise.

 If you have Netflix streaming, please take the time to watch Sightseers.  It is 1:28 long.